Almonsbury, the Malverns and route 45

Back to winter then for our ride on Monday to Great Malvern and our friends, Lizzie & Tom.

The wind had picked up over night and was to remain our constant nagging companion for the day. As we made progress through more beautiful villages and countryside on the way to Gloucester we chatted about the generosity of the people we had met so far on the trip.


By the time we got to Gloucester there was a pressing need for coffee and lunch, we found both in the docks.


The afternoon passed by and we rolled up to the foot of the Malvern hills. It was great to see Lizzie and Tom who welcomed us with open arms and a nice bottle of red. Our eternal thanks goes out to them.


Back to spring again as we left for Worcester from an alpine Malvern. I was stoked up for the day with poached eggs of premium quality from our hosts and we had a route mapped out in the form Sustrans number 45 all the way to Shrewsbury.


The day whizzed past and after lunch in Bewdley we got into some lovely traffic free trails in Wyre forest. The only problem was that our off road speed was quite slow, so come Bridgenorth at 5 pm we still had 20 miles to go.

We cracked on into Ironbridge and then tried to get out of the gorge which took its toll on our legs.


Rolling into Shrewsbury at 7:30pm was not quite the plan but after such a great day we could hardly moan. Anyone for a curry and a pint?


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